Music Is My Drug Of Choice....

I'm sure that you have heard the phrase, "Music can tame the savage beast". I believe that is a fair assessment. I find myself constantly reaching for  music to lift my spirits, calm my nerves, to help feel empowered and to soothe a broken heart.

Music is my own personal stash of marijuana, cocaine, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory, steroids, pain killers, etc....all wrapped up in one tidy, little package...  Music constantly revives my spirit and feeds my soul. I could not live without it anymore than I could live without oxygen.


OnlyOneChiquita OnlyOneChiquita 41-45, F 19 Responses Jun 6, 2010

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Amen to your thoughts. I have a some sort of radio or music player in every room of my house and I turn each on when I enter and leave them on even when I leave the house. I have MP3 players but am not sure how to load music.

I'm seriously addicted to music too. I always need to have music playing when I'm working, when I'm at home alone or with friends, when I'm driving my car, even when I'm reading! A powerful song can transform my mood entirely just like drugs do to drug addicts. It can anesthetize me, relax me, make me fly or come crushing down on me like a ton of bricks leaving me for dead. Having been a single guy for sometime now music has been the source of some of the strongest emotions I've ever experienced for that period of time.

Are you an itunes Addict too, Pix?? I should have known! You know , it's only a matter of time til they open an iTunes Rehabilitation Center, iTunes is like Crack for Radioheads like us!!

Thank Gawd my hub never looks at the bank statement!

Are you an itunes Addict too, Pix?? I should have known! You know , it's only a matter of time til they open an iTunes Rehabilitation Center, iTunes is like Crack for Radioheads like us!!

Thank Gawd my hub never looks at the bank statement!

Are you kidding????? I have " Dino- The Essential Dean Martin" and several Ole' Blue eyes albums downloaded, Billie Holliday and Etta James are two of my fave artists of all time!!!

When I was 13 I spent my babysitting money for an Ink Spots tape cassette and I have been addicted ever since. "I don't want to set the world on Fire".

I Wish it were possible to share your iTunes you use itunes??

Hehe. Btw chiquita, do you like to listen to any old time stuff? Like Sinatra or Glenn Miller? I LOVE, LOVE old music, especially jazz and vocalists, like Dean Martin, Sinatra, Billie Holliday, etc.

LOL@ Merily! You are too funny.

My husband doesn't listen to music very often. In the car, he listens to news or sports, I firmly believe that is why he is so incredibley stressed.

Well, part of the reason! I am sure living with me factors in there

Well, if you ever get one, you will need the classic, like Formely! It holds like a Billion songs or sumthin.....LOL...

AGH!!! You have the PERFECT title to this story! hehe I truly love music has helped me many, many times to literally not have a breakdown....or to uplift or soothe....incredible.

I am a technology grandpa...I do not have an iPod, though everyone else :)

But I do have 2,346 songs in my Windows Media Player on my PC.

I want the biggest

LMAO@lovinhim...I have offspring, they make are beginning to act just like them and you haven't even moved in yet, girl!

Love ya sugar.

145 songs in the Iphone and counting...ranging from Abba to Living Colour to George Strait to Godsmack to Backstreet Boys to Nelly to The Monkees. :)

Oh nvm....I'm mad at you for standing me up this morning....:-P


Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Mejoe.

I can relate to your syncing my daughter recieved an Ipod Touch for her birthday, I confiscated her 8G Nano, because my 16G Nano was full. I think we both need to invest in the the Classic! LOL

I agree music is a big part of my life as well. I first went to college to be a DJ and play music on the radio. I decide half way through to change. But I have always had a big collection of variuos kinds of music. I need one of those Ipods that formerly has. My Ipod has 1008 songs and it tells me it is full and connot sync to the songs I have on my computer.I could not live without music.

Thanks for the great story

Holy cow! That's a lot of tunage! Thanks for the link, sweetie pie.

How eloquently put, as necessary as oxygen. I agree wholeheartedly. I rarely watch TV, but have music playing 95% of the time, even when I'm sleeping (it's the ONLY thing that helps stop the nightmares). I have an iPod classic (about 5 years old), it holds over 22,000 songs currently, and is only half full. If you enjoy ambient / mellow electronica / new age / space jazz / slow techno (like they usually put at the end of an album), check out the Hearts of Space website at

Thanks for telling me, I will certainly enjoy sharing my new found knowledge with my 16 yr old son! LOL

BTW, Thanks for reading and commenting, sugar!

Thanks sweets. I can enjoy listening to any kind of music as well. Which is why I need more than one iPod to hold my

My son has started listening to something called, "screamo", are you familiar with this genre? OMG. I think they have finally created a music genre that I cannot groove