A Litle Piece Of Heaven

I am a big music lover and i just wanted to share a piece of heaven with you, cause i think you should have heard him play..

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http://www.bandbase.dk/maikeningvordsen/<br />
There you go dude. Check out the track called Bruce. It's a cracking tune. I was addicted to it at some point. When I was working in a daycare with 5-year-old kids recently, I was humming the instrumental theme of Bruce all the time at some point. The little halflings thought I was being awfully funny of course.

Oh wow i didnt know that amesing! Haha so you wil manipulate me to;) Haha i like it:) And of course i will listen it makes me curious. And i would love to hear your personal bible.. I will share some more music soon;) And of course i wont tell heheh:)

Making me all curious by not telling me who it is I should have heard playing, huh? Well, you succeeded in manipulating me into doing your bidding. But trust me, it'll never happen again.<br />
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What a coincidence, I actually heard this album yesterday! For the first time. I'm working my way through my personal "bible" called "A 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die". Stumpled upon the album where this track is on. I need to learn to value instrumental jazz more. Really. I know it's amazing tunes, I just often feel like I'm listening to background music. I get bored. But now that I'm listening to your link again, I'm enjoying it a bit more than yesterday. This stuff just gotta grow on me. Did you know that Mr. D. and his orchestra recorded all five of the tracks on the album in only six takes? Yep, only "Flamenco Sketches" needed a second run-through. Amazing, huh? Anyways, I've got some link for you. I am a big music lover and i just wanted to share a piece of heaven with you, cause i think you should hear these fellas play... It's jazz, so I know you can't contain your curiosity. My manipulation is working out nicely, yeah.

what? no dont say that! believe me that music can change how you feel.. maybe u havnt heard a good piece of music.. like this one:)


I am glad you all liked it:) I know some more music you should hear i will post soon :)

i do really ask myself...what's wrong with people..I mean this is the kind of music that should be in our top charts and not that horrible cheesy music!<br />
We should support these artists way more...<br />
Feel free to share her links<br />
Pixie Hugs<br />
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Excellent! I enjoyed it.

Thanks for sharing..I also wanted suggest you a piece of Magic.<br />
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