Music Is My Key Of Life

Since age 15, my obsession with music has been in a steadily rising curve. So I've only been really into doing it myself for a few years. But things are going well. I am working my way through a huge awesome book called "A 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die". It has an essay for each Album written by a noted music critic, as well as lots of extra info and iconic photo shots in between the essays. I take notes in the book every time I listen through one of the albums. I only got it recently and I've made it through the first 10 albums. Old stuff from the 50's and 60's is what I've been checking out so far. The book is great for expanding your musical horizon greatly and getting inspiration for own projects.

I do solo recordings of my own songs when I have the time and I feel a song coming to me. They're all at: Check 'em out. The guitars and the bass are played by me. I play all other instruments on my pc keyboard, which does feel kinda awkward and unhandy :P I really need to get my mittens on a MIDI keyboard.

I love groaning blues, but I listen to nearly everything besides techno, country, death metal, church music and some horrible kind of pop we have here in Denmark called dansktop. If there was something called "death pop" I would be listening to that too (that term is an inside joke some friends of mine made up).

I'm playing in a rock band in my town, and we practice a lot. We're going in the studio with a handful of our own songs in a month's time, so I feel kinda obliged to practicing that and not playing so much blues and the moment. Oh well. It's summer vacation, so I'll have time for doing both :)

I'll start a coverband for hiring at parties when I move to a university campus in a different city in the other end of the country in a month's time. I hear it's great fun and brings in some major dough.

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You have cool names for eachother. No i dont play anything, i sing for fun. But it isnt any good:P Im not sure if i understand you right you don't beieve that i am a artist?

Cheers dog. We're four guys. Me on guitar and vocals, a lead singer we call Captain Nick, a bass pla<x>yer/vocalist we call Daniel-San, and our Polish drummer called Pawel. Do you play or sing anything? Are you that cool? I saw you boast yourself with being an artist on your profile. I'll have to see what that is all about before I can believe you completely :)

I could of ocurse not resit and listen to your link hehe;) Yes i felt in your trap:)) I am listening to your song Savior of my Heart i really like it! I hope you get a keyboard soon. How many people are in your band?