My Love Life ?

Okey My love life is really ****** up atm and i dont know what i amthinking i have a new bf and that ...but i am not sure if he is the right one but the thing is i am still in love with my ex jason....i was with jason for a week but he would say the most sweetest things to me what no one ha ever said to me before......but naw we have broken up and i dont know what to do =/
he dumpt me on Monday 6th july 2010
but the the night before that i had a dream that he would dump the morning i told him about my dream and he said he would never dump me
but later that day he found out that i added his ex gf on facebook and he asked me why and i told him that she seemed nice....even tho i knew what se did to him .

tbh i just wnt to sort my head out coz naw i have a new bf called jack but i am not sure if i love him more than i did with jason =/
i still have feelings for jason but i dont wont to tell jack that because i dont wont to hurt him =/ .
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Does your ex still have feelings for you or is he going out with somebody?getting back together is viable but there is no guarantee it will work again<br />
Having a conversation with your ex about the relationship and getting it sorted out as soon as possible is really important because your also hanging another guy on the line too. You need to make a firm decision and follow it to get out of this dilemma.