How To Make Your Recordings Sound Like Big Production

In an earlier story I was complaining about my male counterparts and how they still treat me like an alien or interloper some days it's one other days it's the other! The irony really hit home as I made a new discovery the other day. I was reviewing some recordings I had done in the past and as usual they didn't quite live up to my expectations of what they should sound like, so I thought what if I brought them into Nuendo and processed them with some digital tools. The original recordings were done in what I refer to as digilog (analog mixing to Alesis Adat) A technique long gone now. So I imported them in and used 3 tools 1. Stereo Enhancer this seem to set the instruments in a wider field for a bigger feel. #2 Sonic Maximizer I have asked a dozen musicians what they perceive the sonic maximizer does exactly! Truthfully I'm still not sure but there is a notable difference for the better, it seemed to give the song more crush & boom. #3 a 30 band EQ when you've been working with audio as long as I have it becomes your best friend. Let's face it no one get perfect tracks every time the EQ helps reign in those errant frequencies especially badly tuned DRUMS.  Apparently some drummers don't know they need to be TUNED. The moral of the story is dont give up things have a way of mixing out the way you envision them after all! The male musicians that played on the original recordings thought I bought time at a "real studio" (I guess my facilities aren't "real") anyhow it's awesome to be able to accomplishment 100% of pre,post and recording my dreams!
layllah layllah
36-40, F
Oct 12, 2010