I Peformed At Ucla Band Day

UCLA band day is where the UCLA Bruins marching band hosts this special event one day every october. this time was october 2nd. its a special performance that UCLA marching band hosts and  where accepted high school marching bands all across southern california get to perform a live halftime show during a college foot ball game (UCLA BRUINS) the four songs we played were their fight songs: we are the mighty bruins, UCLA fight song and bruin fanfare and the main song that changes every year was LADY GAGAS BAD ROMANCE. oh yeah i forgot to mention that this was my secong year getting to attend this event and that was 2008. in 2008 the main song was a medley of phantom of the opera songs which are my favorite. haah. well this is my experience i wanted to share with everyone.

      ps. this was at the rose bowl in pasadena california and to see a pic of our tiny band, look at my profile pic and my photobook

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UCLA  band day si  UCLA  band day
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2 Responses Oct 15, 2010

Excellent experience to have had! Awesome to get that kind of exposure too! Stay in music as long as you enjoy.

Very nice !!! you will always have great memories of this forever! not too many people have this type of opportunity!!!!! good luck in the future!!!