Eating Disorders And Satan

I just wanted to let everyone know that people with eating disorders are MISERABLE MISEABLE PEOPLE. They claim that they are fine, and everyone who looks at a skinny person can't help but think WOW their life must be perfect. I have suffered for an eating disorder for 2.5 years. During the last year of my "illness" I really hit rock bottom and I barely ate a thing. I would have never imagined I could be involved in something as sinful as this. I was always the girl who thought I wish everyone could be happy with their bodies and just accept it. Than Satan crept up and starting telling me things..and this is where an eating disorder lies: THE MIND. This is also where Satan does his magic and he truly is the father of all lies. 

I got sick with annorexia before I got saved. Once Jesus came into my life, this is when I got better, but than I reached the worst stage! It tells us about this in the bible. Satan tries to attack new believers and I am so very thankful for this EXPERIENCE! It truly changed my life, I really see the flesh as being dead to me and I think God was trying to teach me a lesson. You often here that people never fully overcome their eating disorders, but if you have Jesus, ITS SO POSSIBLE. I was on my way home from school one day and something happened, something clicked. God spoke to me, and right than I was cured from my sinorexia. Just that morning I remember thinking okay, next goal: 10 more pounds. I was deteriorating, and God lifted me up right before I caused irreversible damage. 

In those 2.5 years, I was so sad, depressed, isolated, and irratible. Yet, Satan was so powerful he made me keep going and going even though my spirit was dying. He kept saying it would bring me happiness but even when I reached my "goals" I still felt like it wasn't enough. The truth is, you will NEVER be happy with an eating disorder. This is why it says in the bible than the Flesh and Spirit are at war with eachother, and you simply cannot have both. This is what prevents you from doing the things you want to do, and that God wants us to do.

Fleshly dead to me now. I realize this now ...and if people think this is any type of a solution I cannot even tell you how deceiving it is. Seeking god, and trusting him first has led me to the happy and healthy person I am today...

I feel like I have a million more things to say but ...ya...thats good for now.. of and I have been pure and clean from ED since Oct.7 and want to thank God for it! I thank him for testing me as well... 

<3 if anyone is reading this..just know that you ARE beautiful...because you were made in God's image..whether you know him or not.  

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its different to choose not to eat n being anorexic.did any therapist said to u that u commit a sin?u think if u go back in the circle --of ur ED again that u ll go to h*** ?

Yes I agree with you that he wants his children to be happy. However, through my experience I learned that you DO chose to have an eating does not come from nowhere. You may have been influenced or vulnerable to it but we all CHOSE to. It is hard for people to accept that but there really is no victim in this whole thing. We give in to those sinful desires and temptations but with the armor of God it doesn't stand a chance.

oh umm welcome to ep...but its...*thinking*is like u tell me that being depressed is also a sin.Jesus wants his children to not suffer..u don choose to b anorexic,how u commit a sin when u don choose it?

My friend has an eating disorder. I worry about her everyday, I hope she can find a light like you have. Thanks for sharing.

IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! I am new at this thing. Can someone tell me how to get a story from one category to another..because clearly this has nothing to do with music lol.<br />
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But is a sin..all the time and energy you put into your its some sort of God that you worship..its referred to as an IDOL in the bible...or idolatry because you live in the flesh rather than in spirit.

this scared me ! (n u shared it in ''i love music'' group)''sinful''?i commit a sin for havin an ED?... but umm glad u r ok now..