When I Wake

I qoute these lines from my newly beloved band "Draconian"; I love them so much just because they've come up with a song called "When I Wake" :


When I wake, something inside me BREAK
Holding back the time until I sleep again

Let me sleep forever; fade into the clouds
Sublime emotion blowing in the wind

Human thoughts, like darkness to a flame
Depart not as thy shadow came
Your grave to be; Fear, a dark reality...
Your sympathy; Lost or never meant to be

My fright and the beating of my heart...
Close my eyes in silence and take me in your arms

What have you done?
Reveal your heart
Your suffocating silence
Tears me apart

So break this seal
Where the quiet remains;
Where lovers mourn
Broken and torn                            "

adamwillis adamwillis
18-21, M
Dec 31, 2010