Substance of My Soul

I love music. I have all kinds of music in my library. There is not a day goes by that I don't sit and just listen to music. I can find something for whatever mood I am in. It allows me to clear my mind and think through situations. The world would be a terrible place without music.
Percheron Percheron
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23 Responses Feb 6, 2008

no music no life,i listen to music every single day right now its my root of inspiration

Music can be a very important part of life. My daily playing some songs on the banjo is certainly a blessing. There is music for most moods.

Out of all the music that you have in your collection, what is your favorite? Aritsit, or group

The world is a terrible place WITH music. Without it, it would be uninhabitable.

Music is the song of life.

Music Is Life,It Came Before Speach,I think that is why we are so in tune.

music makes my soul feels good.

I wouldn't be able to get through my day without music. I regularly spend hours just discovering new music, I'm even beginning to learn to DJ because I just love music too much to be a listener forever, and to be able to share music, a part of myself, like that would be amazing.

I to love my music and could not live without it. Spotify is on every day in my room and i have playlists for getting ready to fo out to when im sad or angry. Its amasing how much music can lift your spirits or help you to get out any sad feelings. I love discovering new bands and have recently become obsessed with the Grammatics. Murderer is an awesome song. Love gigs as well, seeing Johnny Foreigner soon, cant wait!!!!

Music makes living worthwhile. One of the best inventions HAS to be the beloved IPOD! I love these few lines from a couple songs:<br />
<br />
"Close your eyes & let music set you free".<br />
<br />
"Music is a world within itself, it's a language we all understand."

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i just joined this site. im not sure how it works or what i do. all i know is im on my way to becoming veryt sucessful in music but im still scared and feel very very isolated. and each album i produce is a bet on my future, its a very win all lose all situation. im not looking for answers or pity neccesarily. i just need to talk.

Today I am in a mood that is indescribable with my music. I have never felt this before. I feel almost empty because of the way that I can not express my emotions

Hi percheron...I love it! all of it just about...listening to it now, always listening almost, it touches my soul, and recently opened my horizons and listend to a suggested song by within temptation, it wasnt what i usually listen to and I love their music now! I love it all, music is magic!

I agree with you.<br />
Without a soundtrack, my life would be unutterably bland.<br />
Good music has got me through so many bad times :)

Am totally and utterly the same, in fact I just posted a comment on my facebook homepage to share just this fact, before I logged on here. <br />
<br />
Music really does open up the soul, even when it cannot sing for itself sometimes. There's always a song for every feeling. Isn't that such a wonderful thing to have on this planet of ours?<br />
<br />
Bless our musicians and bless us all. x

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Talk about feeling as if i am reading about myself, music for me is like a food that feeds my soul!<br />
I have very eclectic taste when it comes to music, i collect music with the same passion that i write poetry & i have music to suit every mood that i find myself in.

I agree with you. Sometimes I think our life is like a musical with the music matching our moods. We love to sing in the car too,full of passion and joy and sometimes just plain silly.

i totally agree with you. the lyrics of good songs are something that can be inspiring, or just up lifting. i also just sit there and listen to music to match my mood or to improve it! without music i think people would have a harder time coping with life.

That is a hell of a concept. What would the world be like without music? You realize what that would put an end to... no dancing... no videos... no Shakira! Noooo don't take me there!

i love it 2<br />
it has an amazing capacity

I don't think I actually have a favorite. I would have to really think about that. I listen to what ever I feel like at the time.

we should be the music master.right now im expanding my 80's collection.last week i expanded my heavy metal and thrash week rap n rnb.whats ya fave style?