After Midnight Projectttt<3

So my friend whom I've known since probably middle school lives up in Michigan now. She's the type to go out of the ordinary and knows a good handful of bands and their band members... if her hand was a 7 foot tall man's hand. So she recommended a band to me, called After Midnight Project. I couldn't really hear their music that well because they were all fan videos. But when she directed me to their site, I listened to their music. Got into the first song, REALLY like the second song, and fell in love with the rest of them.

So all in all, they're one of my new favorite bands and no matter what anybody else says, they're one of my new favorites showed to me by a great friend, Dana. Her name was mentioned in one of their interviews, but still. I've known her longer than that.
We've just gotten back in touch, as well, so i'm hearing of a lot of new bands coming from her way. So stoked that she's introduced some new music into my life! And I hope she continues to do so! :D<3
rarrbaby rarrbaby
18-21, F
Mar 18, 2011