I Just Want To Smoke Weed

Hello. :) This is probably going to veer into somewhat of a rant, due to the laws regarding this subject, and is by no means well-thought out or well written, but first I want to tell you why I love weed so much. No scientific studies, no statistics, no second-hand accounts. Just my own opinion and how it helps me.
I started smoking weed regularly in high school, approximately my junior year. Before I started smoking weed I was angry all the time, I was self-conscious, I was severely antisocial. At the time, I didnt really realize the difference it made in my life, I was just having a good time, partying, being a kid. Whatevsies. But looking back, I realize that I underwent a radical behavioral change around that time. When I was high, it made the world softer, which made me softer. Believe me, I was a complete ***** and sought to make everyone who even spoke to me as miserable as I was. I cannot say that weed is directly responsible chemically or anything, all I know is that it made me happy. It gives me a peace that I have found nowhere else. Skip ahead a few years...I'm grown now...still smoking weed every day. My short term memory has suffered a bit, I won't lie, but I was still functioning, still doing what I had to do. I have stomach problems. An ulcer to be specific, so eating hurt. I never wanted to eat, the hunger pangs were better than the eating pangs...until....marijuana!!!! First and foremost, it killed any discomfort I felt after eating, and of course induced the munchies so I actually would eat. Altering my diet, and bam, I was golden, no more stomach problems. I am also a very antisocial person, still am, I won't lie, but there is something about ripping a bong that brings people together. Most of my problem with people is talking, just talking, I talk too quietly and get sick of hearing 'What?' all the time, so I dont usually speak. I also find it hard to think of things to talk about that could be relevant to the other person's interests. I am perfectly comfortable being silent and not talking, its the other persons discomfort that makes me uneasy. I'm not boring I promise! You should be in my head!! When high...I find it difficult to stop talking...no thats not true, I'm still pretty quiet, but I will absolutely discuss anything with anyone if given the chance if I'm high. So thus far we've covered medical and social reasons. Now...for mental health reasons! I have been manically depressive since idfk when. Guess what makes me feel better? Being high! There is a marked difference between weed and medication. When I was taking anti-depressants, I was a zombie. Sure, I wasn't flying off the handle for no reason, I wasn't crying myself to sleep not knowing why, but I wasn't happy either. I lost all the passion my hyperactive emotion gave me. I didnt write, I didnt paint, I didnt read, I just existed. I will not live this way! So I scrapped the meds. So for a long period in my life, I was a functioning, contributing, healthy member of society. I loved my life and I loved being alive. You don't know God (and not the conventional Christian manifestation of God) until you're high and just feel the sun on your skin. Its so simple, but so beautiful. It didnt change who I was...well...it didnt change the things I love about myself. The anger and anxiety I could stand losing. Then...then the floor was ripped from beneath me. Clouds muddled the sky. I was arrested for possession of cannabis, possession of paraphernalia, and driving under the influence of cannabis. (this last charge is ****** up, I wasnt even high at the time, but i damn sure was going to be when I got to my destination. I do not condone the use of drugs while operating vehicles) So anyways, lost my license, I'm on probation, i get tested once a month, marijuana takes about a month to get out of my system if i've been using all day every day, a couple of weeks if a get a hitter or two. FUHHHHHHHHHH So now I'm all whacked out, super stressed, ***** falling apart and I don't know how to cope. I need something to take the edge off. You know one of the most ited reasons to keep marijuana illegal is b/c its a so called 'gateway drug'. I CALL BULLSHIT!!!!!!!! I am a fiend for weed. I crave it every day, I emotionally suffer if I don't have it. I just want to be high again, when I want, how I want, with whomever I want. That being said. I have tried other drugs simply because I cannot smoke weed. How the **** do you explain that, eh? Other drugs dont stay in my system so ******* long. If I could legally smoke weed, I'd never ever feel the need to use any other drugs evarrr. But now, in the effort of punishing me for smoking this wonder drug, I am being pushed into heavier and more dangerous drugs....just for the peace it an bring. Everyone needs that. Everyone needs a pick-me-up. Mine is weed. Being denied it makes me so angry and frustrated with my government. This plant has helped me be a better person, has helped me feel compassion, has helped me explore and love myself, has helped me cope with the stresses of life, but I cannot have it....because you say so. and you say so because it will lead me to heavier drugs....**** off....alcohol is responsible for so many ****** up lives and it is legal. I say REGULATE + DISTRIBUTE + TAX= HAPPY PEOPLE, REVENUE, RESPONSIBILITY. all I'm saying man. Don't complain to me about your monetary problems and raise my taxes when you've got this **** on you. Don't tell me its wrong when it helps people with chronic pain and eases the lives of those with terminal illnesses. Don't tell me its going to ruin my life when the only reason why it did is simply b/c its illegal. I'm not pimping out my kids or stealing to get a fix, I cant od on it. WTF MAN!?!?!?! I just want to live in peace, smoke weed everyday, and be happy. That is all.
Forgive the sporadic nature of this post, it has no structure whatsoever, I recognize that, but I just don't feel its necessary to write a draft and perfect it, ya dig? mmk....post over :)
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One day, I will get my balls kicked into my rib cage, for my bluntness, but here is my view.<br />
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Life is the biggest gate way drug of all. When ever I meet people who go off about 'weed is a gateway drug!' I always want to scream at them for their complete narrow minded view on reality and humanity on a whole.<br />
The same person who will say, "Weed is a Gateway drug" are the same people who will scream bloody murder if their cheese burger is not made the way they like want it ( I am a cook and people are ******* picky). If your like me and smoking it can calm your mind and you can managed to complete a lot of things and actually feel normal. I got no beef, if you love the feeling of being baked, as I do. Awesome.<br />
<br />
Dont let anyone put you down for smoking, once this lady I knew flipped out that her son had some weed, a month later she called the Police because her Plumper over charged her and she felt like she was being 'robbed at gun point'.<br />
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Mind you if that is what sober people are like, I am glad im not normal.

You are the the heart of benevolence, focus on your love for others and nothing will go wrong.

what? weed doesn't kill people.....you are out of your mind, im sorry your experience wasn't as pleasurable as mine, and its fine that you're drug free.....but you seriously dont know wtf you're talking about, orr you're trolling. i do remember saying that this post was strictly from my perspective, and i am aware that it effects people in different ways. But let me drop some science on your ***. First of all, marijuana is not an addictive drug chemically. Your body isnt going to learn to need it to survive. It is, however, emotionally addictive, which I don't think is really a bad thing. Secondly, it is the least destructive of all drugs when it comes to your body. If you smoke it, sure you might have some nasty **** in your lungs, but there are ways around that, making weed the safest drug ******* ever. It is natural, no man made chemicals. How can you discredit it when you've (hopefully) seen all of these posts from people who feel the same way? How is drinking ok when it destroys your liver? When it makes people angry? When it makes you sick? How is smoking weed not okay when it harms no one, not even yourself? When it makes *most* people mellow? When it allows someone who is hyper-emotional (like myself) calm down? When it helps people with terminal illnesses ease their pain and gain some appetite? When it helps people without chronic pain? I don't know what to say to you. You're so wrong. Maybe its not right for you, but it sure as **** is right for me. And with that I say good day sir.

I believe it has wonderful healing effects and it not being given a chance properly, like say Aloe Vera. I work in the medical industry with doctors who look for alternative treatments for cancer and they think highly of the potential in weed. I hope it is finally legalized one day.


Thanks man.

Also...if it helps people cope with the fact that this post is in the wrong category, this song was in my head the whole time. <br />
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Yeah, I'm not sure why it was in the i love music category, i thought i changed it to other, but whatevs /shrug<br />
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And yeah......weed is a miracle drug<br />
I'm hoping in my lifetime it is legalized, with this debt ceiling crisis, I'm thinking that it might be pushed into happening sooner. It might not take are of the whole deficit, but it could def make a dent.<br />
At the very least I want it decriminalized in my state, moving isn't much of an option for me at the moment, otherwise I'd be out of here like whoah.<br />
This country might be practically run by pharmaceutical companies, but eventually the power of the people is going to overrun it. <br />
Row row fight the powah!!!!!!!!!!!

Right, but the category is... "I Like Music" there IS a category for what you've written, but this one is not actually it...

Preach it, sister. Weed keeps me sane and the people around me alive and well (or better than they would be if they had to deal with sober me). There's pretty much 3 real reasons why marijuana is illegal: 1) Racism and control issues - you question the status quo, you don't get a job. Period. 2.) Pharmaceutical companies - make WAY more profit treating a disease than they do in curing it. For example, my best friends younger brother was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma about a year and a half ago. He couldn't afford treatment, had no health insurance so went into a clinical trial program to receive free treatment in exchange for being their guinea pig. In return, they told him had to quit smoking weed, which was the only thing that made him feel better. So while going through chemo, he was being subjected to drug tests with the warning that if they found THC in his system they would take all his health care funding away. So instead, they put him on methadone and a bunch of other narcotic painkillers and sleep aids. The good news? Cancer's in remission. Bad news? He's now an opiate junkie. So..isn't the pharmaceutical company the gateway to addiction? And last but definitely not least, 3) alcohol companies - beer and liquor producing corporations contribute millions of dollars of campaign contributions to candidates who support the so-called "war on drugs."

When I was living in Holland I was told by the doctor that it would help me with axiety, eating and rest.........but mostly for the chronic pain I now suffer from by a abusive X-hubby, Im not to thrilled that I am breaking th elaw, by smoking it. It has become something now In Mass. a misdermeiner.....I dont use it for partying. Im for the green.........and Im also for the most part a law abiding citizen........almost a goodie two shoes..ugggg....lol. I love to smoke it...............if it is solely for just partying and mixing it with othr kinds of narrcotics than it can really start messing with you head. I have an old friend that became a top-notch lawyer and she smoked it to help her relax enough to do here long hours of studies.

The myth of the gateway drug is such a crock of ****,I smoked weed for more than 25 years and have never been tempted to try any other drugs.I have never had a problem with alcohol because I don't drink and have never been tempted to try harder drugs because there is no joy in them and if you are even remotely intelligent you will know that hard drugs are just bad news.Only a complete moron would use hard drugs with all the information that is out in the community,weed smokers tend to be educated and informed people who have other interests beside smoking;therefor they are not morons.Interesting fact in my entire life of smoking weed I had hundreds of smoking buddies from all walks of life and not one of them ever tried hard drugs,if it were really a gateway drug then statistically at least a couple of them would have tryed something,but no! Incidentaly I found your story to be well written and informed and the ranting style just gave it character and style.Maybe you should consider moving to a state where medical marijuana is legal and totally accepted!?

So who sings this? >:)<br />
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