Music Is the Air I Breathe...

I have known music all my life. Since I was a baby my Mom even played me Mozart as a infant. :) In elementary school, like most kids I joined the band, played the flute, and joined the chorus, sang as a soprano. I continued on to middle school where out of sheer happenstance I was given an opportunity of my life. I took up piccolo in the 8th grade band, but unfortunately piccolo players are an elite squad or something like that so I was forced to put the piccolo on hold until 11th grade where I auditioned and played piccolo in the Symphonic Band in high school, still played the flute, and in 12th grade in the Wind Ensemble, where I continued my flute playing days. I sang my way through my education and was even in one of the top groups of our school, the Women's Chorus, for three years. I listen to music EVERYDAY. I would not be sane or alive without it. Music is poetry. Music is the air I breathe. Music is the food of my soul. Without music I am incomplete. I took up piano (actually keyboard, we didn't have room in our house for a baby grand, but if we did I probably would be a music major right now) and taught myself, not to be "amazing" but I'm okay. I have my own keyboard (my 17th birthday present) for my computer so I can play at school too. I sing, whether it's 5 minutes or 5 hours, each day, I sing and I feel in love with the lyrics. I am in love with music Josh Groban sings, the lyrics are so moving and his voice is amazing. I recently discovered Michael Buble, the new Frank Sinatra, all I can say is "I'm feeling good". I love pretty much any kind of music from pop to rock to techno to dance to classical to musicals to soundtracks and even a little rap. I love R&B and easy listening, jazz, and big band, you name I probably listen to it. My music collection on my computer is about 1500 songs.


Sometimes people ask, "which would you rather lose your sight or your hearing?"

I would rather lose my sight.

Because blind I can still hear the major and minor chords

The dissonant notes of the Toccata and Fugue

The sweet melodies being sung by pop singers.

My sight.

If I lost my hearing, it would be worse than death for me.


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2 Responses Mar 15, 2008

I love your post. I too cherish music in my life. When times are tough and I'm feeling sad, I listen to or play music. When I'm happy and feeling full of life, I listen to or play music. Sometimes when I hear a song and a wall of memories hits me like a ton of bricks, it can transport me to that moment in time. I can sometimes actually taste or smell those memories through the music and experience those moments as if I were reliving them. I especially love when I hear that musical piece or part of a song that sends the chills through my body, or wells my eyes up with tears, or makes me feel like I'm connecting with "God" or the meaning of life itself. Music is profoundly spiritual. I don't believe in "God" as a Creator, but I do believe in a divine force of some kind and firmly believe there's a mystical connection between music which links our souls/spirits to the universe. Whether you're digging a hip-hop beat, power chords in a metal song, the Angelic voice of Groban, or submerged in the scales of Charlie Parker's saxophone.....the sound of music is truly a divine treasure.

I used to play the flute, but didn't have time to keep up with it in the years to follow... now I really miss it. =(<br />
<br />
Buble is awesome. =) Love listening to him. He has such a rich voice.