Don't Let The Ep Door Hit You On The Way Out!!

It's about time that all those, that choose to make this EP experience less than what it could be, should take the back door and leave!
So many of us are sick to death of your comments and any other thing you bring to this Great Experience here on EP!!
There are so many other sites that would suit you perfectly, including Blogging sites where you can spew your venom and feel quite
at home!! You contribute nothing to this site, and in fact, to any conversation at all on here! Your distasteful remarks and inuendos undermine what this site is all about!
I have no problem with someone having a differnce of opinion...we can agree to dissagree on any number of issues! One of the greatest things about this site is that everyone is allowed to give their thoughts...but lets do it in a reasonable way and with respect for others on here! It's so easy to just blab and shoot off your takes thought provoking communication to voice someones opinion here... so with that being said, we can all join in and have our say, in a respectful manner! So feel free to go elsewhere with your non-contributing dialogue as they are not adding a single thing to this EP Experience!
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12 Responses Nov 8, 2011

the people that try to tell me im breaking the rules when in fact im not and it is they themselves breaking the rules shouldn't be here on EP

Yes you are right, but some of the stories r outright unbelievable I don't leave smart remarks but I do have a way with things I don't agree with

Thanks for your comment. Music has been with us all through the centuries. I belong to a Music Share. There have been quite a few and I have more music on my hard drives that I have yet to listen to. I am a collector.

Hey it's about time somebody has a pare of ball's and a back bone of steel to do what you did thank You Bound2likeit from the new kid on the block

People have no respect for other peoples feelings these days. Its really a shame. Well said. I only wish we could plaster this on every page!!!! Lol.

Excellent point well put

VERY WELL PUT ! Thanks . I think there are va lot of players you have to watch out for.

then YOU are ahead of the game... : ) I am just learning the ropes......

And the "music thing" is?

Whew! i am new in EP..just a few days back and my friend warned me that in this site, you might get comments that you don't want to read, and just ignore them as they are free to leave their thoughts...but i just wish the same...they should respect the stories posted, if they are not interested with what they are reading they should just leave the page quietly and don't leave any sarcastic remarks at all!

You are so right, You just missed one think. The stalking and terrorizing of others here on EP.! This happened to me, and others I know. All I did, was let someone on my list that others had a problem with. That is the kind of thing going on here that some of you don;t hear about. My friend, all she did was get too close to a couple females thinking they were her friends. I agree the comments need to stop, but so does the avatar stealing, the account being almost duplicated. This is a bunch of Bull s*^& !!! The people who behave this way belong in a yahoo chat room where others are that think like them gather. Thanks, just wanted to ad my say.

Our country is turning very negative no matter where you look hun. We don't like it, but have no power to change it either. My rose colored glasses were lost somewhere back east. ;)

Bravo!! Well said. We need to stand up for this wonderful site and what it was meant for. Especially to stand up for those that are new or may not be strong enough to stand up for themselves. Everyone should feel they have the right to post without worrying about someone making them feel insecure or bad about what they post.<br />
Thank you for telling it like it is.

Im new to EP :O

Yes, welcome and I hope you find friends here and good experiences.