I Use Music To Speak For Me At Times...like To Describe My Take On Money I Would Just

tell someone to listen to Pink Floyd's song "Money" and that i pretty much basically feel the same lol

i'm sure lots of us can/do do this....i know i can relate to songs and that's why i love it so much!!

also it can effect your moods which is always fun to experiment with from time to time....put on barry white and make love to somebody or crank up the volume and listen to bohemian rhapsody lol

idk i'm sure i could keep writing about this topic but i'd rather go listen to some oldies and relax my fingers lol

I Love Music...no need to say anything else....who doesn't? i guess i should ask that one haha yeah

soo many different types, there is def. something for us all in music....

Thanks for reading...leave a comment if you want....like it if you agree please lol...and always take care and have yourself a good one!!!

God Bless!!
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I agree with you 100%. Music can express/say what you can't. I love it when you hear song that COMPLETELY explains how you're feeling about some thing, someone, certain periods of time, etc. <br />
<br />
I don't know what I'd do without music :D

me either lol...

i think it would be boring tho...because i can't remember a day where i haven't listened to some sort of music...even if it was just music on a elevator or a jingle to a commercial

Yeah, but sometimes it's annoying when jingles get stuck in your head....lol. Annoying, but sometimes fun.