Drown My Sorrows

Music has always been my life , i dont just hear it i feel it its a big part of me, when im sad when im happy or hyper lonely confused its like a friend that wont judge you, it gives you advice it comforts you, i dont know what id do without it really. I spend alot of time alone and i am always listening to my music all the time, but i not only listen to music i write lyrics i write poems i just cant get enough of it. plain and simple music is my drug
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6 Responses Jan 9, 2012

I definitely support you writing music keep it up.

i feel exact the same way! music is beyond amazing! and good on you for writing lyrics and poetry, like you i also write songs its just so good to write your views and even scream them out loud! keep it up!!

And, if you dance to music you get built in exercise to boot! How good is that?

Couldn't agree more. Music is religion to me.

I love music and can not get enough.<br />
i buy it all the time .<br />
i listen to records and tapes and cd's lot .<br />
don't watch t.v. that much.<br />
But music helps me to write and get thought what going on in my head<br />
from the mucia .<br />
That cool help you .

i agree