Love Music, Hate Irrelevant Stories

I love listening to music just like every member of this group does. I prefer listening to rock and metal more than anything else, but once in a while I like listening to Country music too. However it's not just the music that causes me to like a song, it's also the lyrics and even though I may like listening to Screamo sometimes, I always have to know the lyrics when listening or otherwise, it will just be screaming without words.

Now, I am sure a lot of people who enjoy music would agree with me when I say that irrelevant stories posted here or in any group for that matter are irritating. If someone is going to post a story about their favorite animal or something, they should use the EP search and search for a group that actually is called "This particular animal is my favorite animal". Not posting it in a group that has nothing to do with it. And the one post I noticed in this group which is just a bunch of random letters, that is just stupid lol.
Supernaturalfan Supernaturalfan 18-21, M Jan 25, 2012

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