One Song

Music can connect people that would otherwise never...ever speak to each other. One song can make it okay for the quarterback and the science geek to bond over a corn dog. One song can make the celebrity fall in love with the tired waitress playing the jukebox during his/her break. One song can evoke so many different emotions. One song can save a life. One song is all it takes to truly make this world a better, less judgemental place. One song can bring about victory. One song can bring about loyalty.

One song...what's your song?
diamondd1va diamondd1va
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 17, 2012

:)I love Avril Lavigne and i also love finding new music to listen too. Its Great!!

So True!!! I have two songs that make who i am. Homecoming Queen by Hinder, and Anything But Ordinary by Avril Lavigne

I love Anything but Ordinary :)! "I don't Care" by Fall Out Boy describes my attitude to the T!

When I'm feeling "less than perfect" I listen to that song and music from Simple Plan to put pep back in my step