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We could all go on forever re our fave music & artists, but I'll try to keep it brief here!  Still have boxes of 45's.  Remember at age 16 buying Neil Young"s LP "After the Gold Rush".  Had gone thru phase of listening to "bubblegum" music -- anyone else recall that term for the genre?  Also loved the "folk music" of the time, like Joan Baez, Judy Collins, James Taylor.  Didn't listen to a lot of "soul"' tho liked some of it very much.  British of course, thought Rolling Stones were the "be all & end all" of rock!  Wow, could go on, but will restrain myself!  Eventually learned to enjoy classical, movie soundtracks, & country also, esp. Dwight Yoakam, Johnny Cash. 
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Loved and (still do) The Stones- It took Tom Petty about 30 years to make me a fan..but he finally got it done via my girl...Stevie Nicks. I also like some Country Waylon Jennings was one of my hero's and Mighty Merle Haggard deserves everyone's or not

I knew I'd like you the other day, when I kept seeing your song lyrics tease posts! Good taste! I'm (slightly) surprised you weren't into country earlier, seeing as you began life in N D . Since you mention bubble gum, I'm also surprised no one has mentioned the Monkees ! I had their four albums once! Back then , we didn't know those were really LA studio musicians performing! Phil Spector's "the Wrecking crew"! Turns out--THEY were on almost EVERY (west coast) record through the entire decade!! ALL the same (now Legendary) players!

Thanks so much for checking out this story, & for your kind comments! I really didn't get into country til the '90's, & that came about because I had a boyfriend who drove truck, & I'd often go with him on his "runs," & the only radio stations he listened to in the truck were country! So that music finally did "catch on" with me, it was great fun to discover what was a whole new genre to me!

You are welcome, and yes, it is fun to discover 'new'.That makes sense, how you discovered that. By the 90's, and now even more,IMO ,so much Country is basically just Rock. There's good in every genre. Have fun.

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Nice Post! It's always a pleasure to know there are others out there that I can relate with! Neil Young! I grew up with, "After the Gold Rush" He made me feel that I was part of something......Something Special! Our era was a mini-rennassainse(sp) and it reflected the thoughts many people are awakening to today! Love the post and appreciate you respecting the memories...........Peace!..........Marc

That era really was something special, more so than I was able to realize &amp; appreciate at the time! (Isn't that always the way? Ha.) Thanks so much for reading the post &amp; for your uplifting comments!

YOU are WELCOME! Nice to meet you!...let's talk sometime.....Marc

Bubble Gum!!! Oh yeah!!! The Cowsills ~ The Rain The Park And Other Things, Indian Lake John Fred And The Playboys ~ Judy In Disguise, 1910 Fruit Gum Company ~ Simon Says and May I Take A Giant Step. I was into "the dangerous stuff" too, Frijid Pink ~ House Of The Rising Sun, Fever Tree ~ San Francisco Girls<br />
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I can go on too. For me the turning point was Led Zeppelin, that's when I begged my mom for a guitar at the tender age of 13. I liked early Seger, Ramblin' Gamblin' Man, Mainstreet and Katmandu.

The very 1st 45 I owned was "Poor Baby" by the Cowsills. Also "1,2,3 Red Light" by 1910 Fruitgum Co. You are truly a person after my own heart!

You're like me, I like a variety of music from several genres. Yes, I do remember bubblegum pop. I didn't like it as much as I do today's pop music. I think because the current stuff has elements of techno which I really enjoy. I too have a few 45s & vinyl albums. I also have a turntable to listen to them (I don't always have it hooked up). My record pla<x>yer has lasted longer than my CD pla<x>yer, isn't that funny? Well at least I can go out & buy another. Next time I'm gonna get CDRW recorder as well.