I Don't Know What I Would Do Without Music

It makes everything better. It adds flavor to life. I listen to it in the car, at work, at home- everywhere. I enjoy playing music, singing it, humming it, even just thinking about it. It makes my world go round.
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5 Responses Mar 30, 2007

Ur so right!!

Yeah, I feel like music in my life is a necessity

I couldn't agree more! Music is the only language I really know :)

Ya I get what u mean music is everything when I can't sleep play some of my favorite songs and I'm relaxed and probably passed out also I have my own car so I play what I want but when my mom gets in the car that's it I can't play my stuff cause she hates it lol before my car I had music with me all the time on the bus class walking anywhere I could play it I would

yeah i drive my parents crazy (especially my mum as she doesn't listen to much) as i demand the radio on everyone (in the car, when i wake up, in the house), am constantly playing CDs/watching music vids/playing guitar, i also can play clarinet and i'm singing all day! even on tv i watch mainly the music channels

I drive everyone in my family crazy because I like to have music in the car, outside, in my room blaring....