12yrs And Not Counting

My husband moved out and even thou it has been bad for a year I am still just broken. My children are not doing well either. I have never felt such intense pain. It feels like someone is kicking me in the stomach we would have made it to married for 12 years a week from now. He didn't just didn't leave he called me bad names and told me I was a horrible mother. That's not true I sacrifice everything for my children. He just said it to hurt me. He just wanted to cause me pain. Why? I don't get it at all. I'm trying so hard for my children not to see me upset but I will just be standing there and the tears start pouring. I'm scared we need both incomes to run this house. Now it all me I'm lonely scared and simple devastated. I want those years back I gave you my life till death do us part well he's not dead. This is not far me and the children do not agree, but what we want don't matter. So sad
Needsahand Needsahand
May 7, 2012