My Love Of Music Began When I Was Conceived!!!

My parents both read music, played piano, and sang in the church choir. My brothers and I were brought up the same, with our love for music going mainstream, I would belt out Amazing Grace, songs by Rush, The Police, Michael Jackson, anything that came out on that new channel they called "MTV". My older bro and I sang in school musicals and choirof "Anything Goes", Oklahoma", "Thats what Friends are for" and "Jesus Christ Superstar", while at home we had "The Fiddler on the Roof", "The Sound of Music", "Annie" and many other always in the background. As I grew up, even though I cannot play a simple melody now (ha), I learned the flute and started dancing for State Competitions and halftime shows for high school and even a soccer halftime show. I got into Jazz, Regae, and my love for all music CLUB, whether it be Drum and Bass, Electronica, Industrial, or Trance. I delved into Country and Alternative, Hard rock and Pop...I love it all....playing La Traviata and Le Boheme and God only knowing what they were singing! Music is my love, my joy, my connection to and thru people! Music is my therapy! I may only listen now, but I love to listen and appreciate all the styles and talent the World offers! Thank God for MUSIC and may it never stop to the last tap of my little toe!
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:) *smiling ear to ear*