I Love Music

I love music, i love how music captures emotions, how you don't have to be special to have music in you're heart. We're all experts when it comes to music, we've all loved and lost, we can all relate to what musicians are expressing, if your sad/angry you listen to heavy drums, bass, electric guitars, when you're happy/in love you can't beet the piano, saxophone or even a harp, these sounds can change your whole outlook on life, what was once wrappeds of rage is now a calm, tranquil stream. Thats why I love music it's beauty, anger, pain, hope and much more rolled into one. music is my heart beating, its everywhere! even in you're movement, another reason why I love music. :-) 
antonwaldron antonwaldron
2 Responses May 9, 2012

WOW!! THAT'S REALLY DEEP!! I myself really LOVE LOVE LOVE music too!! BRAVO!!