Too Much Piano Practise...

Hands... sore... having difficulty typing... I don't think that one should do 5 hours of piano practise in one day... especially if one is not used to doing this much in one day... if someone gave me a hand massage right now I think I would marry them.
So I'm in a vegetative-like state at the moment, after staring at little black dots on white paper, and black keys in between white keys. Nothing is making sense anymore... in fact I'm not even sure if this post will make sense; but that is okay. Maybe after a lovely long sleep, things will go back to normal.
So good night all. Don't practise the piano for 5 hours a day. It's clearly bad for your health.
CaitieLynn CaitieLynn
22-25, F
1 Response May 14, 2012

I have a better what not to do. Play piano for five minuites every twice a week. Or do, but dont call urself a musician. Seriously, the pain is gonna reward u sometime. But be carefull, i dont know if u can get injured. I play guitar, its a mean claw builder mashine, and have never dedicated so many hours. Bravo!

hahaha. Yeah it will, as long as I don't get RSI.
I pretend I can play guitar :P I play like chords and stuff *because I write songs* and pick REALLY simple things haha.
Thanks :)