I Like Irish( Celtic ) Music.

I have always loved Irish ( Celtic) Music. From the time I was able to sing. The Groups I like the most is Celtic Woman and Celtic Thunder. There are others I like,But these are the ones that stands out the most. I grew up to some old type Rock and Roll Music, Like Elvis Pressley, Buddy Holley, Pat Boone,Richie Valens, Ect. I would get home from School and the first thing I would do before I did My Lessons , I would play a Record on My Record Player.There wouldnt be a time go by that I woulnt have some kind of Music Playing. I like some Heavy Metal Music . Like Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Ect. But I Love the most is Irish Music. I guess I have Irish in Me, I dont know,Because I was Adopted when I was a Baby. Ihave been trying to find out where My Birth Mother was,But I cant get through.
fred5434 fred5434
61-65, M
May 15, 2012