The Night We Snuck Into A Concert.

I just shared this with an EP friend and so I thought I would post it here for others to read,enjoy!

When I was in my late teens and early 20's I pretty much could found at every rock concert possible along w/a date.
We used to ticket scalp tickets for all the shows in SoCal.We meaning me and this guy I met working in a fast food joint when I was in high school.He had connections which got me in and we always got awesome seats for bands that toured back in those days.I have sat front row,second row and many many times in the first 10 rows for many concerts.
I always sold all my tickets and kept two for me to take a date along to the concert.This one time we sold all our tickets and I wasn't going to go at all.It wasn't a band I cared for so I didn't care.
A friend calls me and ask's if I have tickets for that show.I told him we sold them all but I will my friend who I would get tickets through to see if he kept any.He said not but he thinks we can sneak in!
Sneak in to an arena to see a rock band!I am in,I had never done that before so I got excited to try it. tell my friend that asked if I had tickets what my plans are and that if he wanted he could come along and try along with us.
The night of the concert arrives and there are 6 of us.We all meet at someone's house before the show an we kinda sorta plan/talk about the plan but there was no real plan.It was once you are led in it is every man and one girl for themselves.
We arrive at the Long Beach Arena to see ZZTOP and there are 6 of us,5 guys 1 girl.My friend leads us to this one section of the arena and we just wait.The Long Beach Arena is perfectly round building with whales painted on the sides all the way around.Painted by a famous artist named Wyland.
We just sit and talk while we wait,wait for the right moment according to my friend who I was selling tickets with.We are in the back area or because it is round the area where they take the trash bins out.He tells us to get up and lets move.Here we go 6 of us walking among these giants trash bins looking for this one particular door.This door opens and a man comes out in a white chefs like out fit on and he throws some stuff out in the trash bins and we go in behind him to a service elevator and we hit the button to make the doors close but the guy comes in behind us.He just looks at us but doesn't say a word.
The elevator ride seemed like it was taking forever and I could tell the nervousness of some in the group.The employee wanted to say something I could tell but maybe the fact that there were 6 of us even though we were young kept him from asking us who we were or why we were in the service elevator.He looked nervous too which made the ride seem longer than it probably was.
The elevator stops and the doors open on the front and backside of the elevator.The employee walks out the back side and we just immediately went out the other side.As soon as we got off the elevator we could hear music,loud music.Warm up type music not a live band on stage playing.WE go down this hallway and just try to find a door to get out of the back offices which is where we were.
My friend only knew how to get into the building but not how to navigate those back hall ways.6 of us walking hallways clearly too young to work back there and we certainly did not look like employees so one real employee spotting us would raise eye brows and have security chasing us in no time.
My ticket scalping friend was in the lead and he were moving pretty fast down these hallaways.They meandered a bit took left's and right's and the music got louder.We got to this area that had glass walls and we could see masses kids walking around in concert shirts,programs for the show and beer in hand.That area was through two sets of windowed doors so we began to move faster.First set of glass doors we went right through then another set of doors came up right away.He stopped sensing something as we all bunched up at the door.He looked around and he yelled "run,run,run"!He went through the doors,myself right behind him and I only remember looking over to my right and seeing security running at us.I ducked low and slalomed through the crowds in hopes of escaping the security.I stopped and stood up and looked over by the door and the security caught the girl and the guy she was with.Well that sucked but I was in and ready to rock out.
I would always keep only ticket stubs in my wallet to show the attendants to move around to the lower seats.They would use a flash light and just look at the section the ticket stub said on it-floor,balcony,lodge level,risers,etc.It was dark and tons of rock goers would go through doors to get to their section so they only had to time to look at the level and section the stub said.That is how i got down on the floor for shows I sold the good seats for.The floor level always had way more people than seats because people would sneak down then rush up to the front barricades to stand and be as close as possible to their rock legends.It worked just fine and that is how I ran in to my two friends,fellow ticket scalper and the friend that initially asked me for tickets.
Even though I did not care for that band I enjoyed a night of rock music for free and it was an adventure too.I never heard whatever happened to those two kids that got caught.I didn't really know them nor do I remember how they ended up with us that night but they did not make it.I am sure they look back and laugh about them getting caught sneaking in to a concert.
More concert stories to follow.
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reminds me when my dad snook me into a Football match Leeds united were playing, my uncle worked on the door but he was off duty so my dad took me for a walk round the grounds there were police and security everywhere but he still managed to get us in for half time lol , fun times . :)

You have had a very fun life. The way you tell these stories always puts a big smile on my face. The details make it easy to picture you doing these things. It also inspires me to recollect memories of my own. Your positive attitude on every single thing in life is terrific. You are a great story teller and such a nice guy.