Music And The Memories !!

Christ!! i can’t live without it..! :)

Every time whether am sad or happy or angry, it’s always these songs that keep me on track.. ;)

For a long time i share my fav songs with my close ones. For a long time me and my best friend had this love for the song Shiver by Shawn desman and also wonder wall by oasis.. !!! i don’t know somehow these both songs are never tiring for me ! i never get bored of it even after listening to it a million times lol ..! :D

When we speak of music. Every song.... has its own importance. Different songs bring to us different memories, sometimes painful, sometimes sweet, sometimes of the fun times we had. And its amazing how music takes us back in time, we travel through the whole phase of life from the past once again.

The way it mixes up with our souls and makes us smile, no matter how sad or stressed there's always a way out of it all when our fav song is being played..!!

And am one of that music lover!! Be it any genre i love music!!!!!! yaaaayyy !!!!

Cheers to everyone who feels the same as i do !! :)
Nishathomas Nishathomas
18-21, F
May 18, 2012