I Love Club Music

I love electronic music! I love how there are so many styles to choose from like choosing a great wine to compliment the meal, club music compliments my life.

I love the memories of the club experience, where friends and sudden friends came together, to share in an all night show of lights, music, massage and dance. I love to get on that dance floor and feel that music, the bass so loud it vibrates inside me, and move and play and participate. I love to entertain others with aerial glow sticks, as they follow each other in the circular moving with the music. I love the lotion, the oil, the foam, the humidity of too many too close, the sweat...I love the DJ as they feel the crowd, building us up and down, climaxing, and staring again and again. I love the bonding and immediate welcoming and involvement of complete strangers, there to experience, experiment, and explore.

I love all electronic music! Even if it is not something I listen to on the regular, I love to revise the old and the humorous. I love to match my mood or create my mood based on what I choose for that moment. I love to discuss and share music with others, to get recommendations and create complex couplings of multiple compositions into a story of emotional invocation. The way it flexes and flow as the creator molds it to their whim, the same as any classical orchestra or operatic piece that Mozart would have created, and with the same intent to involve the audience.

I love all kinds and have an ever lengthening list of favorites. Some of these are:

Break beat/Progressive House
Alright - Blackwatch & Hybrid

Drum & Bass
The Arrival - Metrk

House/Progressive House/Electro/Downtempo
Artemis - Auralei

Trance et al
Burned With Desire - Armin Van Buuren

Trip Hop
Urban Angel - Cinephile

Days Go By - Dirty Vegas

There are so many different styles and styles that have been condensed to create a new style, styles that overlap and artists that incorporate many in their profiles, their recording, and single pieces. But a few that are not listed above that I am found of are:

Baltimore Club
Acid house
Chemical breaks

I think that this music, in particular touches the very essence of me, it speaks to me, it holds me, it shakes me, it wakes me up and puts me to sleep, it tells me about myself and about others, it allows me to feel when for so much of the time I habitually shut down feeling. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next mp3 so I can experience what I have not heard yet, so I can pass it on to someone who is just as excited!

--------“This is just what I really want,” says Armin. “It’s not just love for music, it’s my passion. It goes beyond liking, and beyond a hobby, it’s about a way of living. Music is essential to my life”.---------
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1 Response May 19, 2012

Club music I find fun andstimulating in the right mood, but personally prefer a wider variation in what I'm enjoying during an evening at home, in the car or out casually with friends. Music is certainly a big part of your personality - enjoy. Live for today.