Why Can't I Express My Feelings To My Mom Without An Arguement?

Well my mom met this new guy named norman and when i met him today he was all dry and sour towards me and he was driving me to my friends house and through out the whole ride i felt so unsafe i had a feeling that he was no good and he wanted to be selfish and keep me at my friends house until 11;00 at night and so when i got home i told her i didn't like him and she was like stop being dramatic your full of bullshit and i said well mom i can't control my feeling towards someone then we started to scream at each other it was just a big mess and i said why can't you just sit down and take a break from meeting guys because apparently the kind she picks out make me feel unsafe and the worse part is when we were on the way home to my place he was all touching my mom on her arm and legs right in front of me i just wanted to punch that man in his face so bad like my arm was litterly throbbing like it was preparing it self to slap the crap out of him i mean i felt so mad and i'm like why can't you just listen to me for once i mean when she meets a new guy that she likes she doesn't give two ***** about my opinion about him and i was like well if something happens i ain't gonna do nothing about it because i warned her but she can be harheaded she'l learn soon enough what do you guys think?
honor21221 honor21221
13-15, F
May 20, 2012