When It Gets Boring

I like mucic. Even epic songs get boring after listening to it many many times.
But I find that new genres,artists can keep entertaining you.
It takes a while to start liking the new music which is not familiar in any way.
Exploring may be the way to go.!
alrightthen alrightthen
2 Responses May 24, 2012

This is the reason I listen to improv jam bands such as disco biscuits or umphreys McGee or lotus. 85% of their tracks are live recordings from concerts. I love that these bands can play the same song 5 different times and each time it will be different. This keeps me groovin without gettin bored 8 )

Go forth and discover Silverchair! Namely the albums, "Neon Ballroom" & "Diorama" and if you're risky, "Young Modern".