Asking The Pros

I can sing. I'm pretty good if you like R&B, jazzy, soul sounding voices. Anyway, I have a natural talent for writing songs and stuff, but I have never pursued music as a career or serious hobby. Just a little bit of church stuff and open mic nights here and there. I think that going to college for music might kinda ruin it for me. If you have a passion for music and have gone to school for it, would you mind sharing a little bit about your experiences? Did studying music end up making it seem too much like a chore rather than a passion? Did school make you even more crazy about what you do? I do not like school,however I have not been to school to study a subject that I am passionate about. Music is an area I would really like to grow. Experience is always a great teacher, but I don't know if I could handle spending all my time writing a paper on some famous dead musician. Anyway, if you have any stories or experiences you would like to share please do! Please also feel free to share what your lifestyle is like, supporting yourself as a musician. I understand the music industry is a difficult business. Is it absolutely necessary to go to school to make it?
songbirdforjesus songbirdforjesus
18-21, F
May 24, 2012