For Quintese - You're So Tall Girlie This Song Is For You

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1 Response May 24, 2012

Thank you!! I loved this. I wrote a story a while back about actually growing--inches. I attributed it to stretching to look for the horizon and pulling myself up so often. I think my spine grew as I faced challenges and I steeled myself to answer them...etc. <br />
A whole bunch of tall metaphors suggesting basically what this song said--you're only as tall as you allow yourself to be and you are only as small as you allow the world to let you be --or something like that.<br />
I loved it. I am feeling tall these days and it feels good.<br />
So does having friends like you encouraging me.<br />
Thanks for the story and for the great song. You made my day.

It's all about the smiles "BABE"

hahahahahaha !

I crack myself up sometimes...... ;- p

That's tall babe to you


now you're cracking me up too.

WooHoo..., smiles everywhere.............