Five Finger Death Punch (rock Music)

I got into this band a few years ago. I was listening to my local rock station, and i loved the part of there songs called Never Enough it goes like: "In the end we're all just chalk lines on the concrete,Drawn only to be washed away, For the time that I've been given,I am what I am." I heard that line and Im like thats so true in a way. I loved it, so i found out that was sang by them and i got into there other songs like, The Bleeding, Walk Away, Undone,Bad Company, Tragic Truth, Far From Home, Remember Everything and Coming Down which is my favorite song right now. I just love the way the singer sings. He has this low but soft voice, the way he sings its like attractive. Sometimes he scream the words which makes it powerful, it gives me goosebumps. The music is hard rock and the lyrics are meaningful which is a plus for me. Check out this band they r awesome, really good music. You would regret it, if u dont like there music then u r missing out. :)
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I really like their sound but can never get passed the somewhat mediocre lyrics. For some reason they always seem forced and devoid of a natural flow to me.

shrugs* they sound good to me!

I went to see them at Mayhem Fest last week.. I love them their an amazing band (:

I couldve seen in last year but i didnt :( I hope i get to see them soon :) Have u heard of their new song? I love it. Check it out if u havent.

Yeah I love it (:

i like their old stuff.. like "the bleeding"

OH yea! I like that one as well :)

they were way harder back then.. i was listening 2 them way b4 they got on the radio..i also liked seven channels back then.. they have a song called breathe i luv.. they never did make it 2 the radio. lol

Oh cool! they r pretty new to me. I'll check it out :D

yup.. u should.. good song :)

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a girl i'm reasonably close with on here actually got me turned onto i had heard the name of the band, but did not know what songs they played, or even what genre of rock they really were, but i knew they were played on my local rock station. this girl mentioned them once, so i checked them out, and realized oh! i know them, duh! and i've grown to like them so much ever since. i love Remember Everything best, Coming Down and Far from Home are not too far behind!<br />
<br />
i also passed on seeing them live back in march, and i seriously regret that decision :(

oh yea thats awesome, oh yea they were live near by but i couldnt go cuz i didnt have money :( its sucks cuz it was a day before my bday it would have been the best bday present but i had a great bday anyways :P Coming Down is my song right now :)

haha that's funny because they were here like exactly 2 weeks after my birthday, and some friends of mine on facebook got to go, i was really freaking jealous!!!

i've watched videos on youtube of them live...that singer has talent, if i ever get to see them it will definitely be one of my favorite concerts, right up there with Alter Bridge, Slash, and Avenged Sevenfold! (all separate concerts...that would be an AMAZING lineup though haha)...

both Remember Everything and Coming Down give me goosebumps and chills like so few songs can, such beautiful songs!

lol oh yea thats weird! Alter Bridge omg theyre songs r something else, i love them. The song by FFDP called Tragic Truth, that song give me chills, Remember Everything i heard it once i loved it. such such such a great band.

FINALLY SOMEONE BESIDES ME AND MY BROTHER THAT I KNOW OF (well, not really, lol, but work with me here!!!) LIKES ALTER BRIDGE!! seriously, most people i talk to have never even heard of them...then i have to explain to them how it's Creed with a better singer...they think i'm nuts for liking them because they now think it sounds like Creed, lol (now i do like Creed a bit, but not that much). Alter Bridge has two of my 3 most favorite songs, Open your Eyes and Watch over You (other one being Starlight by Slash lol, same singer :P)

Oh really?! lol i 1st heard of Alter Bridge i few years ago, I loved the song Rise Today after that i started to like more song by them. I got Alter Bridge new cd ABIII :D i love theres songs on this cd they lyrics r soo meaningful it makes me feel good. Creed is a good band too but i like Alter Bridge more. Watch over you is such a good song, Blackbird is really good too. Oh yea Starlight i love that song, Myles is such an awesome singer his really good. I love him. :)

Another song i'm starting to realllllllllllly like is Slash's new song Anastasia. Myles is of course good for singing, but the intro guitar riff is absolutely filthy...sooooo amazing to hear it live :D i've seen Myles sing live 3 times now, once with AB and twice for Slash...and you know what, he can handle singing all the Guns N Roses songs just fine. don't get me wrong Axel Rose was a great singer and still is decent even though his voice is not what it was...but Myles can hold his ground no problem and sings them so well, it's astounding :)

Oh yea i heard of that song but i never got into it, ima have to hear it again soon. I saw this video of Myles and slash preforming Sweet Child o Mine acoustic and Myles is soo good. I couldnt stop listening to it. Myles can definitely hold his ground on those songs :)

i almost wish i lived in the Uk so i could see Alter Bridge or Slash at a bigger venue, i would have loved to have seen them at Wembley :D but at the same time i've liked them at the smaller venues here! was in the front row right in front of Mark Tremonti, and then only like 5 bodies in front of me and Slash :D

aww thats soo cool! i would like to see them live one day. Slash is such a big deal to me. His soo badass :)

he's one of those guys that you just think, how can you NOT like him?? there is no way you could hate him, he's such an amazing guy. that reminds me, it was funny, the first time i saw him was the day before he performed with the Black Eyed Peas at the super bowl a couple years ago. i did not know he was gonna be performing the half time show with them, so i got really excited over it :D

aww thats cool, i really like Anastasia right now that riff is awesome. Ima keep listening to it :)

haha glad i could convince ya to listen to it a second time :) i swear you're like the only person on here that seems to like the exact same kinds of music i do :P

lol! well thanks, i always like talking to people that like the same music as i do. :)

well feel free to add me if you want, we can chat more about it i have no problem with that :) i'm only hesitant to add you because i don't really wanna make you uncomfortable with the sexual fetish groups i'm in and stuff...

i tired to go to ur profile but it doesnt let me, but just dont talk to me about ur sexual fitish stuff and we r all good, u can add me :)

it won't let me add you D: it lets me go to your profile, just won't let me add you...well i have tokens on here and you just need one to start conversations by message...maybe we do that then it let's us add each other? i'll message ya in a sec

and don't worry i won't talk about my fetish stuff, i'd only do that with people that are into it :)

just kidding, won't even let me message you lol. it says you have general privacy restrictions set to block out people like me...idk what that means? lol

humm idk how that works.

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powerful music and lyrics, that's the right combination. one of my faves now, thanks!

i know huh! they r really great. ur very welcome :)


those are some deep lyrics, defo gona youtube stalk them now :P

Yep this band is deep! lyrics r great, music awesome. They sing about real stuff.

ooh this guy has a sexy voice

RIGHT!!! the way he sing its attractive.