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I Block Everyone Out

Music, I love music, whenever I have to go somewhere, I listen to music, my parents call me unsociable when I do, but I can't help it.

I love the feeling when you hear the first notes of your favourite song or a new song that sounds good and you get butterflies in your stomach. Its great. I love music and making up stories in my head that go with the lyrics and the beat and sometimes I can't help dancing !
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I know exactly how you feel! The first few beats of a song are always so indescribable, it's so amazing. :)

let me see u on the dance floor sweetie ;)

When I played piano professionally, I would get into the zone and felt very similar to what you are describing. I am certain that some people want to control your thoughts and time. Not understanding what is going on with their little girl is your parent's loss. They lose you and your perspective of music.

I make up stories in my head when I listen to music too :)