Universal Language of Emotions

Music has been a part of me because since I was a little girl, my uncle started teaching me how to sing and I've been pretty good at it.
But when we talk about music, it is not just about singing. It is also about appreciation of the different genres of music and even taking the music into your soul and letting it express how you really feel inside. Let it move you; let it in to your circle of friends; let it make you feel like there's no one watching you when you dance or that no one's listening to you when you sing. Loving music is not so hard, even if you're tone deaf or you really don't know how to sing. What matters is you're having fun with it.
Love music, love life, most especially, love God.
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3 Responses Apr 22, 2007

Don't forget to learn how music works, etc. There is not 'A lot' to learn. Study. Best wishes....

totally. great story, you said it all!

Excellent advice about music and God. Music is a language of it's own.