I'm By No Means A Musician But...

I may not be musical in the slightest but as I'm a poet when I have to do something in music at school that includes writing lyrics I seem to do pretty good for me.
I remember when I was 12 we had to write a jingle to advertise anything of our choice. My friends just went along with what I decided on seeing as I was doing ALL of the work, so, being a Slush Puppie addict, I obviously chose Slush Puppie. It's so cheesy, what do you think?

Slush Puppie is so fantastic,
It's slurpalicous and it's rainbowtastic!

At the beach,
At the fair,
Slush Puppie will take you there!

On the road,
At the cinema,
Catch the rainbow at the Slush Puppie bar!

Gazillions of flavours,
Take your pick!
Apple, grape, orange, lime, strawberry or mixed!

Slush Puppie!

I typed that from memory, so even after over a year is still stuck in my head!
DiaperLoverPhoebeK DiaperLoverPhoebeK
18-21, F
Jul 30, 2012