Loving This Voice

M and I have been watching old episodes of the show "Weeds" in the evenings. He's working extra hours, I'm working extra and trying to get a transfer, so by the time we make it home, we're both about ready to just pass out. Stretching out on the floor next to him and watching TV, sometimes having little indoor picnics there, are the perfect way to chill a bit before going over our what's been going on that day and getting settled in for the night.

Anyhow, I have to say...I love the music selections for this show. It's not unusual for me to be channel surfing, stop because I hear music I like, and then end up watching every episode of a show because I really like the music and then get sucked into the storyline. That's pretty much what happened with "Weeds."

There's a scene at the end of an episode from the first season. Nancy is watching a home video of her late husband and herself, and this really sweet, poignant music starts playing. You see bits and pieces of the video, and then the camera goes to her reaction to seeing it...and the music just sucks you in. This is the song, and that scene is the reason that I ended up looking for the show on Netflix and watching all the episodes they have on there.

Of course, I decided to listen to a few more songs by the artist on YouTube. I really love her voice, though some of the lyrics to her songs are a bit unsettling for me. I really liked this one though, and figured I'd go ahead and share it with you guys, too.

You're easily amused, by what you use
By what you use on the outside
But it's what shines
Like silver and gold
Silver and gold on the inside
It's a recipe, what it is to be
What it is to be on the inside

The skin outside
Is taking you for a ride
Taking you for a ride, on the inside
And though they're easily to blame
And I'm just listening in on the inside
And when you're old
Tell me what they'll say
Tell me what they'll say on the inside

So be still
You will find out
From living down on the inside
I'm easily amused by what you use
By what you use for the outside

And it's silver and gold
And diamonds, I suppose
On the inside
You're silver and gold and diamonds, I
Shining from the inside

So I'm sorry just the same
Sorry just the same from the inside
It's taken me long to realize this song
Realize it happens on the inside

Oh, oh...

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1 Response Aug 5, 2012

OOOOooooooohhhhhhhhh. I completely love her voice. It has a bit of Bonnie Raitt's rawness, but is a bit silkier. Beautiful song, "Ballerina" and haunting just a bit... I don't watch Weeds and won't have time to take it up. But, someday I will not be burning the candle over the open flame.

And here's to the day we can both have nice straight candles :).