Want to share this link by puddle of mud and also want to dedicate this to my Jenn R.I.P I love you http://youtu.be/DB5m7ro3QPo its just the words(sorry), search it on google
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Very moving and very sad! You will never know why your girlfriend not only took her life, or shut you out of it. She was obviously in pain. Maybe she felt that it was coming and wanted to save you! She is no longer in pain and I feel that she did not want you to suffer. The only thing that you can do is accept and move on. Life always goes on. You can choose to hide from it, or move forward. You will never forget the pain, though in time it will soften and you can remember all the good. The choice is in your hands.....I was dying not too long ago, very quickly, and when I realized it, I chose to live...

thank you you are so sweet..really trying and working on my own issues along with her death and makes it harder..but where there is will theres a way right..

I have learned that I cant do so many things on my own! You dont have to include me, but please, make friends and they will help you! No one can do it alone!

k :)