Rose Petals On the Ocean

In my songs I try to make a balance between powerful music and delicate arrangements. I think that's the way everything works, there can't be light without darkness. That's what my new song "Rose Petals On The Ocean" is about. Fragile flowers floating on the tempest sea. Sometimes the road in life can be hard but there is always a peaceful place beside ourselves, we just need to hear it. "Rose Petals On The Ocean" is about hope too. When we think everything is over and we give up, then life surprise's us with wonderful experiences that we couldn't even imagine before. Everything has a perfect harmony, everything has a perfect time, so just be patient and enjoy the trip. Listen to "Rose Petals On The Ocean" at myspace:


Thank you for your time.

Rafael Escalios 

escalios escalios
1 Response Jun 23, 2008

Very well said, you inspire me! I love how you describe "Rose Petals On The Ocean" with romantic imagery and hope to get us through the storms of everyday life. Congratulations, the song is a beautiful musical composition.<br />
<br />
Te amo muchisimo!