My Kiss- Dream

for the first time in my life i have experienced somthing like this... the best dream in my life.. i saw that some dance event was going in my school and different people from different countries came to preform in our school... i saw a boy and he insulted me by saying that i dint know how to speak in english and after some time we kissed each other.. he said that he loved me and i loved him too.. he was amazing.. the best guy in the world.. i cannot remember his face properly but i felt that kiss.. in my dreams i felt his lips on my lips.. his lower lip was inside my lips and my upper lips was indise his.. my best dream ever... i want that boy with me now...
for not even once i remembered my boyfriend... that kiss was very special for me...
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3 Responses Aug 17, 2012

Did the kiss lead to more?

Ya a bit..

I love the feeling just befor sleep finds me when I can feel my hunny reaching out for me I can feel for just a second his presents like he has just touched my hand .he is on the other side of the world but for just a breif second he is here with me. Love that feeling!

Oh dats really nice

i want to ask you all that have you have felt somthing while dreaming and why does this happen?