Lol ahh music, the splendiferous mixture of sounds, rifts, cymbals, and voices. Personally i like almost all types of music, well im not too big on country tho. Pops was a geniune gifted musician since i was a baby. He could play piano, organ, trumpet, clarinet, trombone beautifully. My older sister had a voice out of this world. And of course me the talentless one would just sit and take it all in. One of my favorite types is video game and anime music. From Mario to Bomberman to Mega Man to Final Fantasy, I love the background music. I also love classical music performed by Yanni. Of course with other genres such as Rock, Pop, Rap, R and B, Soul, Jazz, and even a little Techno, im always bobbing my head or singing something. I started using MTV Music Generator and got into writing down lyrics for songs. lol now all i need to do is learn a real instrument and ill be set.
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While growing up with alot of male cousins I actually know so much video game music. I agree with your views, it can be very emotional and thought provoking IMO