I Love My Music

I really enjoy listening to piano music. I wish i could read music notation and play the piano too. I think if i hadn't stopped learning the piano, i'd be writing and composing music. I feel my musical skill has stayed stagnant in this same level because i can't read notation. Plus i don't know much about chord progression. Playing music by ear is one thing, but being able to read music is like asking me to try and fly. I am a musician and have been since 7. Im not a guitarist, drummer etc.... though I do play an instrument called a hammer Ducimer or Santoor. As a musician I try to listen to as many different kinds of music to broaden my horizons. I listen to a lot of Classical,different main stream bands, modern kind of music as the music I play is really old and traditional. I try to sometimes blend the two together. 
monkeylala monkeylala
26-30, M
Sep 12, 2012