Brought Up

I remember a lot of country music as a wee feller, from about 5 to 7 it was the late 70's and my mom was into donna summers, and many of the black artists of the disco era. Tho she doesn't tell it that way, she tells it as I only listen to country after 1962. I remember riding with my father and hearing, a little of this and that like 50's to 70's rock also country, disco, big band, opera, classical, and whatever appealed to his ears. I remember it was in 82, I flipped my own personal walkman to a rock or pop station and started listening to billy Joel, john melloncamp, and men at work. While in my early teens all I want to hear was oldies rock, mainly 60's. My comfort music is mid 70's to mid 80's country and rock. Though if you find a burned cd I've made it might have glen miller, earnest tubbs, billy Joel, and linking park on it. The sound track to "last of the mohican's is 1 if not my favorite soundtrack. I don't like gangster rap in general but a couple of songs. I like all kinds of music. Though I didn't mention all I like.
Kycarebear Kycarebear
36-40, M
Sep 14, 2012