I Love Coaching Dek-hockey

It's bumming me out that the NHL is looking like it will head into a lock out of the player's union. That means no start to training camps and a possible delay to the season. My 2 teams will be playing though, starting tonight with practices for each team. The little ones are my favorites, but there's still something about having the whole team of teenagers return for a 3rd straight season. It should prove to be a very interesting Fall.

TheHiker TheHiker
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2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

I don't follow pro hockey but I think it rocks that you coach kids!! I bet there is a LOT of satisfaction for you to watch their skills improve over the season...:)

I just like having fun and seeing them all smile.

awww, that rocks....I love to hear about folks working with kids cause they like too....

I think they are locked out ? That's what I thought I heard last night! :(