I'm Tired Of Being Alone, So Hurry Up And Get Here

I dislike John Mayer when I heard that he is a player. Confirmed with Taylor Swift's 'Dear John', I dislike him even more, even though when I was younger I used to listen to his album, and I know he is very good.
Anyway, I was at work and they played his cd in the operating theatre, the old album, and it was amazing. The music, the feeling that is in it, and I suppose the feeling when I was younger and listened to it, they all came back.
Now I cannot stop replaying 'Love Song for No One' and 'Back to You'
While 'Back to You' is more mellow, 'Love Song for No One' has a sad lyric but happy tune. It is definitely a song I will play if I make a movie!
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26-30, F
Sep 15, 2012