The Love Of Music Began,

It started before my father was killed. He played an electric guitar. Music was always playing in and around the house from what I can remember from those times. My brother and sisters at the time are amazed what I do remember. They are older and do not. Maybe that is the difference of how music comes to each of us.

We were very young when our father left us, so we were passed around that first year.. I was six at the time. Still what hits me the most is the music. I remember my mother playing music at night when we around her. Then we went to my grandparents, my grandfather would listen to that old time music on the radio. Only thing was he would play it in the morning and then after dinner. His rules. On Saturday it was all afternoon, and Sunday well that was the sermons and such he would find after we had gone to church.

Thing was the music was still there in the hymns. My grandmother would be in the kitchen fixing lunch humming with the hymns. Then one here or there would be humming with her. Then their youngest daughter my Aunt started bringing home records she bought. Was the new stuff they called it back then... Us kids including my Aunt, who was only 5 years older than my brother, would all go to her room and listen to music and have a great time together at the farm.

After we moved away a year later, there was many other ways music was in my life, that was the beginning... I have one memory of seeing my father playing his guitar in our house back then. It is one I cherish.
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Sep 15, 2012