Music Is Freedom

Music is what feelings would sound like
It can even give you the illusion that everything seems right
Because of the world you can create
With all the words you can relate

It's using your imagination and creativity
Releasing all your negative energy
Frustrations you can't seem to share with others
No preocupation no bothers

When I close my eyes the dream I see
I become a mermaid at sea
A bird that can fly free
Or even a queen drinking tea

As beautiful as a sunrise
So sad it makes your soul cry
Melodies kind to your ears
A summary of all your fears

Music can be everything
It can mean nothing
A knife through your heart
Or a gentle touch

But with music you can get through the moment
Even when all seems hopeless
The sound will make you silent
Or scream like a siren

The choice is yours
You can make your own
Music is freedom

DelicateWoman86 DelicateWoman86
31-35, F
Sep 16, 2012