O Heart, Be Steady, You're Going To Fall In Love Again


                                 Whenever I came near you, I got a peace, 
                            The one I had kept forgetting, I got that existence
                   When the weather of sorrow came, I remembered you,
                   When I was scared with loneliness, I remembered you........

                                                                              O heart, be steady,
                                      You're going to fall in love again,
                                                O heart, stop here itself,
                                       You're going to fall in love again,
                                        How it has happened, don't know,
                                                     I don't know..  ...                                                                                                  
                                   The way on which your house is there,
                                          I have often passed from there,
                                          probably this was in the heart,
                                        that maybe I get you, who knows..
                                           What is this series (or story),
                                               don't know, I don't know..
                                   When there is nothing in between
                           then why does the heart knit your dreams only,
                                             I tried for it to forget you,
                                     but even that couldn't be possible..
                                        What is this matter, don't know
                                                  I  don't know.....

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18-21, M
Sep 17, 2012