From Two Different Worlds But Same Interest

for me music is one that i know very well from two sides.the first is being a fan and a listener i love it very much.i don't have just one or two types of music that i listen to i can't do that and i'll tell you why in what type of music i listen to daily it's pretty much r&b,hip hop,and pop just on a daily basis but when the time comes for it or i'm in the mood to do so any that day can be my type.this is very important to any who called themselves musicians.why? well it's like i said earlier i just can't listen to one or two types of music i have to listen to all to get a better understanding of music in general.this is the other world i'm a musician....really i'm not kidding my first love being the drums then i seem to like the bass very much then it was last but not least the piano. i only play on those three and i enjoy it cause instead of being just a fan of it you becomes a part of're one of the ones thats making a wonderful sound to please peoples ears.then other enjoying part of it is that you're listening to it yourself as you play ask any musician you know how does it feels to listen to music then to play it.i'm pretty sure they'll tell you it's like two different worlds but with the same interest.
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I love the piano, drums, and guitar! I wouldn't know what else cause i'm not a musician! but, will you play something for me? :P

maybe :)

Certainly see music from two sides. Like to listen to a whole range of different types of music. Also play bass in a band. For me, what comes out on top is making music with others. Our band plays old-timey, bluegrass, celtic, and folk music. We have an open session every Sunday night, and that, for me is the highlight of the week.

thank you you're right wish i could be there to hear it :)