If A Branch Fell In Thee Woods...

Did ye ever hearth, about thee branch dat fell in thy woods? If no one was around, to hearth it, a lot of people sayth: Den it did not make no ******' sound!!! Dey actually believeth dat, even to dis day!!! Me, thought me wouldth, start dis off with a "CRACK" to wake some of ye up in thy audience!!! Its a lot bet-ta, dan throwing **** at ye head, now aint it???!!! Lookth, me wilt put it straight, to ye!!! Pay the ****, attention, in music class, if dares any damn ding to ye at TALL!!! A few years backth, me twas walking down me street. And guess what!!! U wont!!! I dis thought of thine most beautiful music, dat ye hath, NEVER HEARDTH!!! So me a run-th over to Bad *** Mikey, thy musician!!! I sayth hey Mikey, I hath thoughth za most beautiful tunes ye hath ever heard of!!! He sayth, write it down, while ye hath it fresh in thine mind. I sayth Ok! Already! Guess-a-what?! Me could not write it downth!!! Whyth?! Because, me could not write doze son-of-a-bitchin' musical symbols down!!! Me twasnt, paying attention a few years back, IN MUSIC CLASS!!! Me hath longth since forgotten, dat , dat ,a dat oh! **** what tever!!! Dis tis a true story!!!
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

Yes,I like this dude,and also share a love of ye olde tyme lingo,often changing the lyrics of classics like "Blue Suede Shoes" into olde english-DO NOT YE,DO NOT YE,DO NOT YEEEE,STEPPETH UPON MAAAA BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUE SUEDETH SHOOOOOOES.