Not Happy

I have been with women and never had a problem until I got hurt one too many times then I thought I can try men but it did not work for me I started ooking at tranny and crossfresser sex tapes and started feeling like I wanted for someone to teach me to take it like a woman real slow size did not matter so I started with some panties then stockings then a dress I was feeling this all I needed was a man to do me I put ads then fear got me and I took the ads out I got over it and reposted I ended up meeting someone and at first he took his time told me how suck he played with my *** then he put it in me I still hurt once all the way in he got hot and just bang my *** I told him it hurt when he went in that deep but did not stop so pushed him off and left now my experience left me massed up I still want someone I will dress for but it has to be better then this
still hurtsstill
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Sep 23, 2012